The Poor Gringo Guide to Mexican Cooking

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Meet Miles Standish Pickerel: bamboozler, American ne’er-do-well, and poor gringo extraordinaire. Newly divorced, culinarily clueless, and living in Mexico with his faithful canine companion, Ladrón, he shamelessly prepares traditional Mexican cuisine from low-cost (or no-cost) ingredients. If Miles Pickerel can’t raise it, trap it, steal it, borrow it, pick it, or run it over, he doesn’t put it in his pot. Neighborhood strays and local farmers beware. His recipes redefine the meaning of eating cheap in Mexico. They include:

  • Suicide Hen
  • Stingray Soup
  • Aztec Soup
  • Fired Tequila Goat
  • Cortez-on-Foot Burritos
  • Run-over Rooster
  • Shrimp Head Omelet
  • Unholy Mole
  • Soused Marlin
  • Cabbage Cakes
  • Hibiscus Cooler
  • Thin Beer Crêpes
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Hard Cover, Paperback, eBook (ePub)


978-0-9974553-6-6 (Hard Cover), 978-0-9796166-4-6 (Paperback), 978-0-9974553-4-2 (ePub)

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6" x 9"



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Susan Say-less

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4 reviews for The Poor Gringo Guide to Mexican Cooking

  1. ¡Buen Provecho!

    “Hilarious … A Mexican Joy of Cooking run amuck…”

  2. Former Mexican ambassador to Tuvalu

    “…Disgraceful … a desecration of Mexico and its cuisine … this gringo should be shot and deported …”

  3. The Chili Insider

    “A crazy gringo with a recipe for skullduggery …”

  4. Gourmand Magazine

    “Sebastian Dangerfield meets Diana Kennedy … A bean burrito will never taste the same …”

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